All my life people told me that my sexuality was not a fit. My desire for deep intimacy, not ejaculation focused did not match the cultural, social nor personal view of my partners.
After years of exploring a way of sexuality that suited my body and preferences through self-pleasuring, I wrote a manual for sacred intimacy based on Yogic principles.

Finally, I met teachers, who not only supported my view, but agreed that normal human sexuality is disgusting. Further, one mentor described that he views normal sex in a long-term relationship as more harming to the subtle energy system of a person than a one time rape. That got my attention.

As the with the rest of my life, feeling that I don’t fit in, I decided to share my uniqueness. This is both an invitation for you to trust your own truth as well as guidance for deep sacred intimacy with yourself, your partner and the universe at large.

You don’t need to live up to what everyone else does. Indeed, most couples are not happy. There is more out there to discover about blissful encounters than what the media sells us.

How to deeply enter into new ways of lovemaking, instead of overlaying tantric sex on top of normal just for better orgasms, that’s a journey of discovery into the mysteries of the universe.

I considered becoming a nun, but I found that awakening Kundalini life-force can be a shared journey.

Dr. Susheela

Dr. Susheela Devi Prem, Ph.D.
Mystic, Scholar, and triple certified Coach

I hold a Ph.D. in Psychology, an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology and B.A.s in Psychology and Business Administration. I am a certified 5Rhythms Movement Meditation Facilitator, a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and certified in Clarity Breathwork as well as a Licensed Minister and triple certified life coach.

My unique combination of life in Western and Eastern hemispheres, cosmic interests of beyond the personal, and research in transcendent experiences have led me to bring transcendence and sex together in a unique offering of Kundalini awakening and sexual healing.

Sexual Trauma?
Spiritual Emergence?
Wanting more than Normal?

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